outdoor and garden lighting

We are Adelaide's outdoor lighting experts. From design, layout and installation we take pride in lighting up outdoor areas.

Outdoor lights need to be safe, even if the lights are under cover they should be safe to use in wet or damp environments. We provide safe, functional and aesthetically pleasing lighting to your outdoor areas.

Garden and Yard lighting

Highlight the best in your garden with accent lights, floodlights, pathway and driveway lights.

Pool Lighting

Add a shimmer of light to a warm summer's night. There is nothing more enjoyable than entertaining friends and family around the pool on a warm summer's evening. A well lit pool will provide hours of entertainment. Our electricians will add sparkle to one of your most valuable possessions, your family swimming pool. Not to mention lights around water should be safe and up to Australian standards don't compromise the safety of your family with faulty pool lighting.

Patio and Decking Lighting

Do you enjoy entertaining outdoors? Continue your outdoor entertaining into the evening with the latest in lighting for your patio or decking area.

Outdoor Kitchen and Cooking area Lighting

Lighting is an important factor to consider when planning an outdoor kitchen. There are 3 main things to consider; lighting over the cooking and prep areas, the ambient lighting for your diners and safe pathway lighting from your home to the outdoor kitchen. Halogen or LED bulbs best provide task lighting for outdoor kitchens. Where as you might consider LED lighting in an outdoor ceiling fan for your dinning area so that it is energy efficient and deters insects.

Feature Tree Lighting

Highlight a feature tree with floodlights / spotlights or add ambient lighting and special effects to an event or party at your home. Lighting on trees create shadows and turn your prizes plants into an art feature. This can be created from wall lighting or uplights. Otherwise if you want something softer and more romantic we suggest moonlight bulbs hanging in your trees or lanterns to create a different mood to your garden.

Signage Lighting

Promotional lighting for your business. Make your signage visible and stand out. Continue your advertising into the night.

Door, Garage & Security Lighting

Sensor or motion detection security lighting will give you peace of mind. It can act as a deterrent for criminals who might target your home. Otherwise just make sure you have good lighting around all your home's entry points for when you return home after a night out, there's no need to fumble in the dark.

By installing garden lights on your property and using one or all of these different lighting methods you can make your house more attractive, valuable, useful, and even possibly safer to live in.  Given their benefits and the relatively low cost of having installation, there’s no reason you should not look into installing garden lights.

Contact us today and we can start to light up your gardens in all Adelaide suburbs.

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