switchboards and safety switches

switch board upgrade before and after


Do you know if your switchboard has a safety switch? Current regulations demand a safety switch to protect your family and your staff. Older switchboards do not have them in place. We can add these to your switchboard for your protection and peace of mind.

Rising power consumption of late has caused several families to uplift their existent circuit board capacity or upgrade that altogether to match up with more power requirements. The older switchboards weren’t engineered to tackle modern levels of power consumption – that required from air conditioners & other modern electrical appliances. When you upgrade the switchboard, you are lessening the short circuit threats that could potentially lead to an electrical or fire hazard.

The wiring rules have changed quite a bit over recent years. I can help in assisting your switchboard is 100% compliant.

A switchboard diverts electricity through your home or office and is the most functional and important part of any working electrical structure.

A faulty or outdated switchboard requires urgent attention by your local Adelaide Electrician. Our electrical switchboard services include repairs, installation and upgrades. 

We are also ready to support you in terms of switchboard electrical emergencies. We realise that electrical emergencies do not always occur during normal business hours. Hence we have our 24/7 emergency team ready for you to take care of any sort of crisis situation you might find yourself regarding the switchboard.

Our accredited Electricians are all licensed, certified and experienced professionals. We promise you a very dedicated, prompt and timely service at reasonable rates.

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