pool wiring and earthing

Has your pool or spa been wired up correctly?

Pool earthing is a safety feature which gets overlooked in many builds, and could be putting your family at risk. Proper Installation of your pool’s electrical system is of paramount importance in maintaining a safe place for your friends and family to play.

Swimming pools can be an excellent source of exercise, fun and entertainment. They can also be potential death traps if the electric is installed improperly.

You should regularly maintain all your pool or spas electrical equipment and lighting to make sure it is working and safe.

We supply, service and install all pool heaters, pumps & lighting. Switches and sockets should also be of a design that restricts entry of water in the event of splashing, inadvertent hosing or flooding.

Contact us today if you want a general inspection of your pool wiring, you're about to install a new pool or spa or if you're worried about wiring damage, corrosion or safety regulations. We have solutions to all your pool and spa wiring requirements.

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